Melbourne Cup Letter Lights

“I’ll meet you in the betting ring, near the roses.”

Melb Cup_6  Melb Cup_5

The phone goes dead, and you spin around on those too high heels, or dress shoes that were really not designed for traipsing around the grounds of a race course, trying to track down your friends.

It all seemed like a fail proof plan at the time, get a big group together for a great day at the races. The perfect chance to get dressed up, bring a picnic and enjoy a few drinks.

Suggesting to meet in the betting ring, or near the roses, or beside the bar, or over near the horses is, of course, a recipe for disaster.

Everywhere you look there are more roses, another bar and a betting ring you get lost amongst.  You’ve hardly seen a horse, so that’s just no option.

Fear no more. This year your race day meet up problems will be all be solved when you can say “I’ll meet you by those amazing Letter Lights.”

Spring Racing season has landed in Melbourne, and so has Letter Lights with Melbourne Cup Letter Lights. Now, we have installed our lights at some fairly lavish events, but we have to confess, that being well, up in lights, for the Melbourne Cup Carnival is a pretty big moment for our humble once-was-little-not-so-much-anymore business.

As you can see, we have given a meeting place, a great background for a photo or selfie with friends, and a ‘gram worthy attraction to this event that is already a fest for the senses.

So rather than being first past the post, be first past the need to find a meeting spot by saying #meetmeattheletterlights. They’re bound to become as Melbourne as “meet me under the clocks.”

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