Make your selfies stand out

Photo booths are so last century; get on trend by hiring one of our selfie stands.

Blue Swimsuit self portrait

Photo whats?

Remember cameras with real film? If you do, it’s probably because you are one of the few people using one to take artistic photos you then develop in sepia tones in an old photo lab, or because you look fondly on with nostalgia at the tired old antique your grandad passed down to you. Even if you are into bulky, hard to load, hard to handle, film cameras, it’s likely you will still agree – they are totally inappropriate for party snapshots. We think photo booths fall neatly into the film camera category of ‘things that are nice when you feel like being hipster,’ but are nowhere near as useful, fun or enticing as they were Mid Century.

Be your #selfie

In 2013, along with ‘YOLO’ and ‘amazeballs’ the term ‘selfie’ made it into the Oxford Dictionary, which is no mean feat. In fact, it was reported the use of the word ‘selfie’ increased by 17,000% in one year alone. Due to this it was, well, crowned, the word of the year in the same year, and with the rise in ‘selfie stick’ popularity one would be led to believe, whether you like it or not, selfies (or even #selfies) are here to stay.
In case you don’t know, or you need to explain it to your grandad (we’re guessing it’s likely the latter), the Oxford Dictionary defines a ‘selfie’ as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smart phone or webcam, and uploaded to a social media website”.
Got it, Grandad? Good.

So what’s a selfie stand?

Our selfie stand lets your guests take photos of themselves (if they’re into that) or alternatively, a group of friends, with a simple push of a button.
Okay… we admit, it works quite a bit like a photo both, without the booth and curtain. It’s driven via a touch screen and a high res camera, and the resulting pics can be printed, texted, tweeted, sent to Insta, tagged on Facey, make a three course meal… you name it, it can pretty much do it (alright the meal was an exaggeration. It’s only one course).
Essentially this means anyone who wants the photo on the night can zoom the photo direct to their own device, and social media stalkers can check it out too.

5 reasons selfie stands are better than photo booths:

We know, it already does sound amazeballs and because YOLO, you want to hire one, but in case you needed a few more reasons to convince dad or someone who still has some deep attachment to photo booths, here are five reasons why our selfie stands reign supreme.

Your photos can be sent directly to whomever thinks “I look good in that one”
We are pretty sure we just heard you mutter something about not getting a print out on the spot. Well, you need not ask again, because we can provide you with a KeepSnaps Instagram printer, so your guests can print their photos and be instantaneously sent the photos to keep them on their smart phone too!

You’re not crammed behind a curtain in a booth made for two
OK so a photo of two can be romantic, but there’s only so many poses you can cram into one small booth. Our selfie stand leaves heaps more room for movement, poses… throwing people in the air… or whatever floats your good time boat.

It’s not 1920
Did you know that’s when photo booths were invented? Neither did we, til now. That’s probably because well, to be honest, we’re just not that interested in them #irrelevantasaphotobooth. So unless you’ve put the roaring 20s on your invite, or you’re aiming for a retro theme, let’s move with the times and leave photo booths behind.

Retro? There’s apps for that
If it’s strips of faded out Polaroid snapshots or Andy Warhol inspired coloured portraits you’re after, then just take an er, app shot.. The best part? Your photos won’t fade and you can get ‘appy in a variety of different ways.

I’m not paying for that!
How about those photo booth ‘staff’, standing by the booth like lifeless characters from an old TV show, waiting to collect your hard earned? Uh-uh, none of that business at our selfie stands. You pay for hire; your guests pay Lurch for nothing.

The best part? Our selfie stands are available in a range of packages to suit your taste, budget, guests and occasion – so check our website or give us a call to find out more. Long live your new photographic memories, available when and where you want them…bright and digi-fresh… unlike the poor sad old Kodak Instant, lying faded in the back of a drawer.
*Photo booth use is admissible only in the event of a retro or 20s themed party. If that’s your jam then we have some equally cool retro lighting ideas. Stay tuned for future blogs on retro themed lighting. Enjoy your time behind the curtain. Cheese!

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