Light the night up for your workplace


We don’t believe in celebrations without lights

We are almost as passionate about lights as Clark Griswold was. However, we understand the ‘less is more’ philosophy a touch more than Clark did. This doesn’t stop us admiring him and his dedication to really “lighting” things up for his entire neighbourhood.

So dedicated to his cause of lighting things up, was Clark, that he spent weeks preparing his family home for the final unveil. So, in mentioning that, it would likely frighten you that there’s only twelve Fridays between now and Christmas Day. (Like, the actual day, not the weeks proceeding when work type Christmas parties usually happen…yes…eeek.)

Clark would have always planned ahead

This means that if you are charged with the responsibility of entertaining staff and clients this Christmas season there’s likely many less Fridays between now and the big bash, which you, well, probably (if you take a leaf from Clark’s book) should have started planning by now.

By checking out Letter Lights you have come to the right place to start with for creating the perfect atmosphere. So, before you go off and gently rock in a corner, let us help you by ticking a few things off your list.

Dress the venue, not the other way around

We absolutely believe in finding the dress before you find the event to wear it to. So, we of course think it’s worthwhile finding the decorative elements and theme long before you choose the venue.

Yes, the venue is important, but think of it more like a blank canvas, there is so much you can do with a simple space when you have access to the right pieces to “dress” it up.

So when you’re thinking of “dresses” for that staple venue we invite you to think along the lines of the following:

  • Letter Lights (dah, obviously!)
  • Selfie Stands (the right now version of the photobooth, but way better)
  • KeepSnaps Instagram printers (no, really!)
  • Light up shapes to suit pretty much any theme (hearts, spades, clubs, hashtags…limited by imagination really- we even do custom made!)

We have all been to them, the boring work Christmas parties where everyone gets to leave work an hour early, only to stand around clutching their house wine trying not to talk shop, unsuccessfully while throwing down a lukewarm party pie.


No more.

Not your party.

Set the scene; get the party started the right way with the atmosphere of shiny, happy celebration.

Side note:

Whilst we advocate for a classier style of lighting and decoration than that of the Griswold family home, we could probably help out if you wanted to go a bit further.  Let’s start with some stylish letter lights to set the scene at your workplace Christmas party, and then see if you want to take things a little bit more OTT. Just give us a call, or an email, we can go as over or understated as you are prepared for!


…Don’t forget, after Christmas comes New Years Eve.

Let us spell that out the same way we will with Letter Lights…

N-Not your regular, boring party decorations or photo booths. Get the party really humming with classy, customizable letter lights and state of the art selfie stands.

Y- You will be the staff member of the decade after you pull off the corporate New Years Eve celebration to end all celebrations!

E – Everyone will be lining up to have their photo taken in front of our fully customizable letter lights.

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