Autumn Time!

The Easter Hunt For A Party Theme Ends Here

We watched a busy summer wind down with long balmy nights and a few wet days thrown in for good measure.

Yet as we head into Easter the weather remains accommodating for some more time outside enjoying all Melbourne has to offer.

As the biggest outdoor light of them all, The Moon, fills the night sky just before Good Friday, why not start to consider some ways you can incorporate outdoor lighting into your Autumnal Easter soirée?

Let’s Go Outside!

Days off, not too hot and not too cold weather, and an abundance of Easter treats… Who wouldn’t want to host a party?

Not only is it more fun but going outside can be one of the least expensive ways to host a party! Forgo all the decorative bits and pieces, when you have lights you don’t need to add any unnecessary frills. Just illuminate your setting with some Letter Lights, and guide your guests on their way to falling in love with Autumn and all it has to offer!

Game, set, snap!

We always like to appear humble, but when it comes to our Letter Lights we consider it a public service to inform you of just how popular and on-trend they are. Check out our Instagram feed to see just how photographed we are. The room virtually becomes filled with paparazzi as Andy Warhol wannabes line up to take an obscure, artsy shot of us in all our glory.

Include Letter Lights in your Easter outdoor celebration and consider it game, set, snap… you win!

Be on point like the big events

Our Letter Lights have been seen at some of Melbourne’s biggest events. The AFL Footy Show first show for the year, AFL Footy on channel 9 to kick off the season, newsreader Peter Hitchener’s 70th Birthday, shop fronts in some of Melbourne’s trendiest boutiques, Spring Racing Carnival and the Australian Open tennis (to drop just a few names!).

But really, if you want to be on point with your event, party or shop front decorations, or even just to send someone a meaningful message, do it with Letter Lights to ensure you’re never forgotten!

Look on the Light Side

The “ifs and buts” my be flowing fast when you think of reasons now to host an outdoor party, and as we always say, “look on the light side” (which could not be much brighter!)

If the weather turns rough, our lights are fully functional for all occasions, but they’re also portable enough so we can move them inside.

Also, bear in mind that rain and overcast weather make for the most sensational photos… and that’s what it’s all about these days… right?

So lighten up, it’ll all be okay, indoors or outdoors; there will definitely be a bright side when you use Letter Lights to add to the atmosphere.

Don’t forget, if you wanna be like the cool kids, to take some time to check out some of our favourite lighting installations on our Instagram feed! If you’re interested in discussing your lighting needs please, contact us via phone or email.

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