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Letter Lights Hire

Our Range

Letters, Numbers & Symbols

Choose from all the letters in the alphabet, numerals and various symbols including:   &  #  @  +  ♥  %

Each letter is handmade from light steel and finished in a gloss white.


All letters, numbers & symbols have a height of 1.1m and depth of 13cm

Depending on the item the width varies from 50cm – 1m

Giant Heart

Our signature piece – this giant heart archway lit with 48 carnival globes will make a statement like no other! The possibilities are endless – archway for your ceremony, entrance piece into your reception, replace the old ‘photobooth’ with the new ‘selfie stand’ for your guests – allowing everyone to interact and get involved.


Height = 2.4m                    Width = 3.2m                    Depth = 37cm

Mr & Mrs

This amazing stylish piece will add class to your wedding or anniversary party. Smaller 50cm high letters stacked a on a beautiful wooden base combined with your initial or full surname, makes this the perfect touch for any venue without taking up the entire room.


Height = 1.1m                    Width = 1.5m                    Depth = 20cm

LOVE Letters

‘Actions speak louder than words’ they say?! Take an action that screams the word you want to say. The perfect word for proposal, engagement, wedding, anniversary, or let’s face it, any time you want to show your special someone how you feel about them. Choose between our standard 'O' or our new 'O' with the heart shape in the middle.


Height = 1.1m                    Width = 2.6m                    Depth = 13cm

Neon Love

Neon is back! This modern yet retro piece will add funk and class to your event. Have it behind or in front of your bridal table or use as a selfie stand for your photos. This also makes a grand, yet subtle entrance piece to any venue with our warm white neon light.


Min Height = 1.3m                   Max Height = 2.5m                    Width = 1.2m                    Depth = 5cm

Love Stand

Carefully made from steel and painted off-white, the Love Stand makes a beautiful statement when your florist adds arrangements to match your decor (arrangements with vines that wrap around the letters look best). Or use as a Bouquet Stand for the Bride and Bridemaides to place their arrangements. Fairy lights also make a nice addition to attract some attention.


Height = 2.3m                    Width = 86cm                    Depth = 33cm

Carnival Heart_1

Carnival Heart

Can’t fit the Giant Heart at your venue? Then this is a fantastic choice! Based on a height adjustable stand you can raise and lower this bright heart to suit your desire. A great addition to sit above you choice of letters, or a brilliant selfie stand for guests to enjoy and interact around.


Height = 83cm                    Width = 92cm                    Depth = 17cm

Whitebox Heart_1

Whitebox Heart

Similar, yet oh so different to the Carnival Heart, the Whitebox Heart is a beautiful piece with endless positioning possibilities at your event! Based on a height adjustable stand you can raise and lower this stunning heart to suit it’s position and desired use.


Height = 83cm                    Width = 92cm                    Depth = 11cm

'Viva Las Vegas' Package

Vegas Baby! The ultimate Vegas package for any event intent on impressing your guests. Choose between the words 'CASINO' or 'VEGAS' with our gold '$' and all the suits with a high straight to decorate every corner of your venue.


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